How To Bid
1. Find out what time the auction begins. The information can be found here:
2. When the countdown is completed auction will begin. You will see this screen:
3. Enter the most you are willing to pay for the item here:
4. Confirm bid.
5. Other bids can be seen in the bid box. If you've been out bid, you can re-enter a higher bid.
6. Proxy Bidding - This is How it Works.
The system automatically bids the least amount necessary for you to be top bidder until you win the auction or your maximum bid amount is reached. For example, if the bid increment is $1 and you bid $20 on an item, but the high bid prior to your bid was only $10, the system will only bid $11 on your behalf, incrementing up to your maximum bid as necessary. The amount the system will bid also depends on the bid increment.

7. If you see yourself bid twice don't worry! This is how it works:
  • You put in a bid
  • Another person put in a bid after you for the same amount
  • The other bidders matching bid does not appear since it was not accepted, and your high bid appears.
Example: You bid $100 on watch. At the time you place the bid, the high bid was $94, so now your bid of $95 appears in the list. Then someone bids $100. Their bid is rejected and yours is accepted, since you placed your bid first. On the bid list, your two bids, $95 and $100, will appear one after the other.

8. After the time has expired, you will see one of the following screens:


Claim Your Item

Auction Ended

You have Lost